Yankees 40th World Series Press Pin

As an avid pin collector, I was looking for the exclusive pin that was given to members of the media and covered the 2009 World Series.  For awhile I didn’t think they made any this year because none had popped up for sale.  But browsing eBay this morning it looks as if a bunch have started to surface over the last few weeks.  These look like they were issued by the Yankees and celebrate them being in their 40th World Series.  Collectors will need to have deep pockets if they plan to ad this pin to their collection.  These have been selling for $140.00 a piece and in some cases even higher.  I haven’t found any ’09 press pins issued by the Phillies yet.


Vintage Baseball Memorabilia Mailday

During the summer I worked at Evangelical Community Hospital located in Lewisburg, PA which is right down the street from one of my favorite card shops.  Yesturday in the mail I received a package from one of the ladies that I worked with over the summer.  She apparently saw my picture in the newspaper with the seven Heisman Trophy winners that was taken during this year’s National and decided to send me a few things for my collection.  What was inside just blew me away.

Along with a few newspaper clippings, she sent an old Washington Senators scorecard that she obtained at a game and is dated 8/4/1942.  The Senators were playing the Yankees that day and she was even able to get a few signatures.  It features signatures of the following:

  • Joe McCarthy – Yankees Manager 1931 – 1946, HOF 1967
  • Red Branch – Yankees Pitcher 1941 – 1942
  • John Lindell – Yankees OF 1941 – 1950
  • Red Ruffing – Yankees Pitcher 1930 – 1942 & 1945 – 1946, HOF 1967
  • Robert “Red” Rolfe – Yankees 3B 1931, 1934 – 1942
  • Jerry Priddy – Yankees 2B 1941 – 1942
  • Frank Crosetti – Yankees SS 1932 – 1948
  • Ernie Bonham – Yankees Pitcher 1941 – 1943

I couldn’t believe this piece when I pulled it out of the envelope.  For being 67 years old, the scorecard is in great condition.  The signatures look pretty good for being signed in pencil all those years ago.  The autographs look better in person, but I tried to get a few shots to show.  The Yankees lineup shows Joe DiMaggio and Phil Rizzuto playing that day.  You can click on each photo for a closer look.

The ads on the scorecard are funny to read.  Most of them are tobacco companies.  I specifically find it funny that back then you could purchase 6 season tickets to a Redskins home game for $9.90 per seat.  This is something that will stay in my personal collection forever.



These signatures look a lot better in person.  Pencil doesn’t always show the best on a scan.

PHOTOS: Barnstormers vs. Revolution


Last night I attended a Lancaster Barnstormers vs. York Revolution minor league game.  It was the first time I had ever been to a game on the 4th of July.  This is the 5th anniversary of the Barnstormers, so I picked up a few pins and a team set for my collection.  Check out some of the photos!



Barnstormers Manager Von Hayes



Tom Herr


Pete Rose, Jr


Tom Herr’s son Aaron Herr


Aaron Herr & Pete Rose, Jr


My 4th of July was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

Cooperstown Bat Mailday

A few moments ago the UPS guy dropped off a package from Cooperstown, NY containing a new baseball bat for my collection.  One of my favorite things I like to collect are autographs on bats whenever I attend a show.  This is something that I have been doing since 2003 which started with Greg Luzinski.  As of today my room has 9 baseball bats, some with signatures and others commemorating something or are replicas.  Nobody would dare try to steal anything from my collection without getting bashed in the head 🙂  The bat I received today is probably one of my favorites.  I ordered it from The Cooperstown Bat Company where I have purchased many bats before.  This one has my blog’s name on it “Sports Card Info”.  I actually received my bat on Monday, but they misspelled the title forgetting the “s” in “Sports”.  I contacted them Tuesday morning and they sent out a corrected bat right away for FREE.  The Cooperstown Bat Company has excellent customer service.  It looks extremely nice engraved into the wood.  I can’t wait to get some autographs on it.





Even Yankee Stadium’s Dirt Gets Authenticated to Combat Fraud

Source – Bloomberg.com

By Erik Matuszewski

Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) — Mariano Rivera was like a kid in a sandbox after the final game at Yankee Stadium, down on his hands and knees digging up dirt from the pitcher’s mound for a memento.

His keepsake just isn’t officially recognized by Major League Baseball.

During the Yankees’ 7-3 win over Baltimore last night, baseball had a team of three authenticators on hand to verify just about anything connected to the final game at the 85-year- old Yankee Stadium — from infield dirt and bases to the lineup card. It’s all part of the sport’s effort to eliminate fraudulent memorabilia from the marketplace.

“Since we are the leading sport in terms of memorabilia, we decided to take the leadership position and create this program ourselves to protect our fans, players and clubs from all the fakes out there,” baseball spokesman Michael Posner said in an interview at Yankee Stadium.

Hundreds of items were officially recognized as game-used, receiving a sequentially numbered, tamper-proof hologram on the spot. It ensures that fans who may pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for the items are getting the real thing.

Among other items verified by baseball’s team of authenticators — all of whom have backgrounds in law enforcement — were balls, new bases every half-inning, rosin bags, dugout signs and several buckets of dirt shoveled off the infield long after the players’ celebration subsided.

Buckets of Dirt

While many players, like Rivera, scooped up dirt on their own following the game, the officially approved product was shoveled into buckets and sealed under the eye of an authenticator. The containers are then sent to licensees in Florida, where they’re opened by another authenticator to ensure no seals are broken. After that, it’s broken up into smaller lots and given a hologram, which destroys itself if removed from a piece of memorabilia.

“It’s a chain of custody, really, it’s like evidence,” Posner said.

Baseball set up its program in 2000 after a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that more than 75 percent of sports collectibles were fakes. Other major U.S. sports leagues, such as the National Football League and National Basketball Association, also have programs to combat counterfeit memorabilia.

Rivera said he plans on keeping the dirt he gathered for himself, as a memory of the stadium in which he had 230 saves and was a part of four World Series-winning teams.

Property of Yankees

All of the authenticated items go to the Yankees and many will likely be auctioned off through the team’s Web site. Some will go to players, who have requested a piece of history.

Other items in Yankee Stadium, from lockers to urinals, haven’t yet been authenticated. They will before the stadium is torn down and the team moves into its new $1.3 billion home across the street.

“I’ve asked for my locker, first base, four seats from the upper deck,” the Yankees’ Jason Giambi said in an interview. “I’m going to pass it on to my kids. I wanted to get everything I could get.”

Back from Cooperstown!

Cooperstown, NY has to be one of the best towns in the country if you are a baseball fan.  I walked around and looked at every single HOF plaque.  I had no idea that there were so many writers in the Hall of Fame.  While I was there I picked up a “Goose” Gossage 2008 HOF inductee bat that is limited to 500.  That may seem like a lot of baseball bats, but 500 isn’t very many.  I also picked up a bat that is modeled after the type Napoleon Lajoie used.  Right down the street from the HOF there is a wax museum which has about 30 different wax figures on display.  Below are a few pictures that I took.  The rest of the pictures can be found in the Photostream to your right.  Enjoy!!!

1858 baseball

                                                                       2008 HOF inductees

HOF entrance

Plaque room

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson hat, glove, & jersey

1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner

World Series rings & pins

Wax Museum

Mickey Mantle

Wade Boggs

Founders of baseball

Roberto Clemente

Jackie Robinson

Taking a trip

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a few days to take a trip.  I will be heading to Cooperstown, NY.  I wonder what could be there? 🙂  Oh, I wanted to mention that I got a B on the 2008 Allen & Ginter statistics paper I wrote. I also found out that I got a B for the entire coarse as well.  See yah after I get back.  Hopefully nothing major happens in the hobby within the next few days.

RIP: Bobby Murcer 1946 – 2008


RIP: Bobby Murcer 1946 – 2008

2007 Inaugural Season York Revolution Team Set Break

For the longest time I usually never broke open team sets from minor league teams.  This is because I usually knew what was inside and didn’t really expect to find anything else except what was on the checklist.  That was until I opened a team set from the Williamsport Crosscutters, (single A of the Phillies), and pulled out a randomly inserted autograph of Brad Eldred #’ed/23.  So, from that day forward I decided to open every minor league team set I buy.  Here are the results from the 2007 York Revolution Inaugural Season Team Set.


  1. Ryan Baerlocher
  2. Byron Batson
  3. Rayner Bautista
  4. Peter Bergeron
  5. Greg Brown
  6. Frank Castillo
  7. Chris Cooper
  8. Luis Cotto
  9. Matt Dryer
  10. Nate Espy
  11. Jeff Farnsworth
  12. Matt Ford
  13. Wayne Franklin
  14. Dave Gil
  15. Travis Hake
  16. Willie Matos
  17. David Maust
  18. Ramon Nivar
  19. Franklin Nunez
  20. Jason Olson
  21. Steve Smyth
  22. Chris Steinborn
  23. Kazunori Tanaka
  24. Luis Taveras
  25. Al Bumbry
  26. Down Town
  27. Chris Hoiles
  28. Tippy Martinez
  29. Ryan Minor 

York Revolution vs. Long Island Ducks

This was my first trip to Sovereign Bank Stadium to see the York Revolution play last night.  I picked up a team set and an Atlantic League pin for my collection.  Looking down through the roster of the Revolution I didn’t recognize any names except for the manager, Chris Hoiles, who played 10 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, and Ryan Minor, the hitting coach, who replaced Cal Ripken, Jr the night he ended his consecutive game streak.  When looking at the roster for the Long Island Ducks, I saw a few names that stood out like Pete Rose, Jr and Carl Everett.  Pete Rose, Jr, has been playing minor league ball for awhile and has only had a small taste of the majors when he was called up back in 1997.  Carl Everett is a two time All-Star and a 2005 World Series Champion.  I wasn’t surprised to see that Everett was batting .371 and the beginning of the game.  The Revolution won 8-7 after being down 4-0 at the beginning of the game.  Before the game started I was able to get Matt Dryer, who plays first base for the Revolution, to sign my ticket stub.  I was able to get a bunch of photos.


Thats me at the Brooks Robinson statue.

This is Downtown.

Carl Everett going to bat.

Matt Dryer 1b – I got him to sign my ticket stub!

Pete Rose, Jr at 1b.