Grand Opening – Sports Zone Toys & Comics

Sports Zone Toys & Comics is a card shop that’s been around for over ten years.  The shop recently moved into a new location – 359 Market St., Sunbury, PA.

I attended it’s grand opening this weekend.  Let me tell you something.  This is how every single brick-and-mortar store should look.  Its easy to get into, lots of space to move around, and very well organized.  Every collector should have this type of shop in their backyard.

Glass cases full of singles, sealed boxes, packs, OYO minifigures, bobbleheads, and new/used wrestling figures just cover some of the items you’ll find.  There are even some tables you can sit down at and rip open a box.  I highly suggest stopping in if you’re around the area.

To commemorate the grand opening, special OYO minifigures were made with the Sports Zone Toys & Comics name on them.  Along with the minifigure came a coupon.  These coupons ranged from $10 off of a $100 purchase, free bobblehead, free Fathead, etc…  Very cool!

I left with a new Nick Foles Super Bowl LII MVP bobblehead, and a Phillies TeenyMates Big Sip water bottle.  Next month I’ll be heading back as that’s when the Gritty bobbleheads are due out.

Card of the Day: Josh Freeman 2009 Score RC Red Zone Auto

 photo freemanred_zpsd4674d8b.jpg

Card of the Day: Aaron Rodgers 2011 Topps Five Star Super Bowl XLV End Zone Pylon Patch


“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2003 ESPN Zone Thanksgiving Pin


Disneyland released this pin in November, 2003.  They only made 500 of them, which isn’t a lot when it comes to pins.  As you can see it features a football shaped turkey traveling at mach 2.  They sell for $15.00.

For all you Disney pin collectors in general, be sure to check out the official Disney pin website.  It contains an extremely comprehensive database.  Their blog is great too.

2010 Topps Supreme Rip Party

Sports Zone Memorabilia held another Rip Party last night.  This time we were busting a case of 2010 Topps Supreme Football.  Boxes only cost $87.00.  Thats a deal considering they’re now selling for almost $130.00.  At the time you could sign up for the party, prices were much lower.

This time, there was no picking teams.  Everyone got to keep whatever they pulled from their box.  There were a lot of nice hits.  I think the base cards are my favorite thing about this product.  I like the design and they are printed on thick card stock.  Topps, Beckett, and Sports Zone Memorabilia supplied a ton on great prizes.  The best thing about these rip parties, is that if you don’t get a great pull, your most likely going to get a nice prize like a box or a pack.





Christmas At The Card Shop

As I mentioned before, I attended a Christmas party on Saturday night at my local sports card shop – Sports Zone Memorabilia.  Everyone who was invited got a gift and a ticket for a door prize.  My gift was 13 packs and I was lucky to win a prize which was a ton a base cards from 2005/2006 Upper Deck Ice Hockey.  I still can’t believe I was able to pull a “Cadillac” Williams autograph #’ed/5 from one of my packs.

Sports Zone Memorabilia is by far the best card shop I’ve ever seen.  This is how a shop should be run within The Hobby today.  If your ever in Central, PA be sure to stop in.





Jason of Sports Zone Memorabilia handing out all the gifts


Holding my new “Cadillac”

Inside The 2010 Panini Certified Football Rip Party

Last night I attended my second rip party this year at Sports Zone Memorabilia.  This time it was sponsored by Panini and we opened 2010 Certified Football.  Everyone was randomly given two teams, and you got to keep all the cards associated with those teams.  I got the Jets and Cowboys which had some of the better hits.  I think for the price of one box, I got some great stuff.  Take a look.


All the cards.  Check out that Cardinals patch.


Panini supplied a ton of great prizes!  Everyone got a Panini T-shirt.


Rip Party Results: 2010 Topps Update Series Baseball

Last night I attended my very first rip party at my local card shop, Sports Zone Memorabilia.  We each got to bust a box of 2010 Topps Update Series Baseball.  Everyone picked three teams at random, and you got to keep all the cards associated with those teams.  I got the Reds, Rockies, and Indians.  Each hobby box guarantees at least (1) autograph or (1) relic.  I ended up with (2) relics since (2) Reds relics were pulled – Scott Rolen and Joey Votto.  You also got to keep any Million Card Giveaway codes pulled too.  I didn’t win any prizes, but it was a lot of fun and I’d do it again.

Check out some of the photos.


Thats a lot of cards!!!


Thanks to Topps for supplying some great prizes


Group Shot

The next Rip Party will be sponsored by Panini and is scheduled for Saturday, November 20.  It will be for 2010 Panini Certified Football.

Grand Opening Pulls from Sports Zone Memorabilia

Today was the grand opening of Sports Zone Memorabilia located in Selinsgrove, PA.  It moved from Lewisburg, PA and is now on the strip right across from Applebee’s.  It has to be one of the nicest shops I’ve ever been in.  They have all kinds of cards, memorabilia, jerseys, and pretty much anything that deals with the hobby.  They even have coffee, chocolate, Wi-Fi and a big screen TV.  In this day and age, this is what a card shop should be like.

While I was there, I picked-up a box of 2010 Classics, 2009 UD Ultimate Collection, and a jumbo pack of 2010 Topps Football.  Check out some of my hits!!!

If your a sports collector, and your passing through Selinsgrove, I highly suggest you stop in at Sports Zone Memorabilia.

On October 23, 2010 Sports Zone Memorabilia will be having a Rip Party sponsored by Topps.  Only 15 people can attend and it costs $50.00.  I think we will be ripping 2010 Topps Updates & Highlights Baseball.  It will be exciting since I’ve never been to a Rip Party before.

Eagles End Zone Summer Event

On Saturday June 13th 2009 the Philadelphia Eagles will be coming to the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA.  The event is scheduled to go from 12 – 3 and as of right now Stewart Bradley and Todd Herremans look to be coming to sign autographs.  They expect a few other players to show up too.  I will be down in Lancaster that day at the Park City Center for a show and autograph signing with Lou Marson.  I might try and get over to the Eagles signing as well depending on how much time I spend at the show.  Either way get ready for some photos and a report!

For more information about the Eagles End Zone Summer Event click here.