Dinner with the Philadelphia Phillies

Last night in Williamsport the Phillies and Crosscutters had their 3rd Annual Hot Stove League Dinner & Auction.  Everybody could get their picture taken with the 2008 World Series Championship Trophy.  The folder that the photo comes in was signed by Charlie Manuel.  Harry Kalas and J.A. Happ were their signing autographs, and telling stories to all the Phillies fans that showed up.  Mr. Kalas was probably the best, and most entertaining person to hear speak.  He even did one of his famous home run calls during the question and answer portion of the night.  Check out some of the photos.


2008 World Series Championship Trophy – This image is available as wallpaper.


J.A. Happ banner


Harry Kalas banner


Harry Kalas, Steve Noworyta, J.A. Happ, Chris Truby


J.A. Happ being interviewed


The legendary Harry Kalas

4 Responses

  1. Did you get a Kalas autograph? Ah, I’m so jealous.

  2. Yes I did, on a bat.

  3. Oh, that is great. Post a pic! Kalas is the best.

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