Guess The Set – November 27, 2020

Can you Guess The Set?  This evening I’ll post the correct answer in the comment section and on Twitter.  Good luck!

Hint – High-end Rocky Balboa autographs.

Card of the Day: Fran Tarkenton 1969 Topps #150

This Week’s Topps Living Set Cards Are…

Head over to now to get you’re hands on this week’s Topps Living Set cards.  While you’re there, check out their other online exclusives too.

Card of the Day: Jimmy Gobble 2005 Topps #57

Card of the Day: Wayne Kirby 1995 Topps #227

Card of the Day: Paul Hornung 1964 Philadelphia #74

2020 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball Pack Break

Look what I was able to get my hands on. This is a pack of the new 2020 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball. It continues to blow my mind seeing two card manufacturers come together and work on a single product.

This high-end release comes with (4) packs per display box. Housed inside each pack are (6) cards. Every pack contains an autograph, relic, or autograph/relic.

The base set consists of only (50) cards. There are (3) types of Heritage parallels that you can pull – Bronze #’ed/15, Silver #’ed/11, and Gold #’ed/6.

Every hit is limited to (10) copies or less. Autographs are all on-card. No stickers.

Futera’s metal-framed cards have always been my favorite. A lot more detail and attention goes into them compared to other metal-framed cards found in competitor’s products. Very ornate.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Luis Rodriguez Phenoms 24ct Gold-Plated Framed Auto #’ed/8

This card was signed on April 16, 2020 in the Dominican Republic.


  • Robert Puason Silver Heritage #’ed/11


  • Leonel Valera #43
  • Nolan Ryan #49
  • Ichiro Suzuki #50
  • Cristian Santana #38

Card of the Day: Eric Turner 1995 Upper Deck SP Championship #83

Card of the Day: John Skorupan 1977 Topps #122

’20 Onyx Vintage Extended Edition Auto Contest Winner Announced

Congrats to Tim Fogel on being the lucky winner of the Seuly Matias 2020 Onyx Vintage Extended Edition Blue Ink Auto #’ed/275. Once Tim Fogel sends me his mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP. Thanks!