2015 Topps UFC Knockout Box Break & Review

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Sometimes you just need to try something new.  That is exactly what I did when I decided to bust into a box of the new 2015 Topps UFC Knockout.  I don’t follow UFC all that much.  In fact, the only fighters that I know of off the top of my head are Ronda Rousey and Anderson Silva.  Ronda Rousey not only do I know of from UFC, but she also has an acting career and has been in movies such as The Expendables 3 and Furious 7.

Topps has done an extremely good job with the UFC brand.  Early Topps UFC products command insanely high dollar amounts.  Boxes of their first UFC product, 2009 Topps UFC Round 1 now cost around $600.00.  When they were first released, the MSRP was nowhere near that high.  The same thing happened with 2006 Allen & Ginter.

2015 Topps UFC Knockout is configured just the way I like it.  Every box has (10) mini boxes.  Inside each mini box you’ll find (1) pack.  On average you should find (2) autographed relics, (3) autographs, and (5) additional relics.  That is a total of (10) “hits” per master box.  You should also receive (10) parallel cards too.

This is a high-end “hit” driven product.  The base set only contains (100) cards.  The parallels include Silver #’ed/199, Gold #’ed/99, Red #’ed/8, and Mat #’ed/1.  Topps decided to incorporate Museum Collection within Knockout this year.  These cards look so clean just like the baseball and football counterparts.  They even decided to include the very popular framed Museum Collection Autographs.  Frames include Silver #’ed/15, Gold #’ed/10, and Black #’ed/5.

Even though they’re tough to find, Topps included (20) redemptions for signed full-sized fight-worn gloves.  Getting full-sized memorabilia from a box has always been a neat idea.  Some boxes will have Fistograph toppers.  These over-sized cards are #’ed/10 and contain the fist print of a fighter along with an autograph.

Overall, it was a fun break.  Quite the change from baseball and football.  Boxes cost $180.00.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Ronda Rousey/Miesha Tate Dynamic Duels – Dual Auto Jumbo Relic Booklet #’ed/5
  • Anderson Silva Museum Collection Triple Relic Auto #’ed/20
  • Abel Trujillo Relic Auto #’ed/269

 photo tateronabooklet_zpsmtt0fhln.jpg

 photo silvaauto_zpsdiabswx1.jpg

 photo abelautomem_zps47r9nhpw.jpg


  • Urijah Faber Auto
  • Lorenz Larkin Auto

 photo faberauto_zpsyetzvrug.jpg

 photo lorenzlark_zpsoex9ddpk.jpg


  • Cat Zingano Museum Collection Triple Relic #’ed/50
  • Michael Bisping Museum Collection Triple Relic #’ed/8
  • Matt Hughes/Georges St.-Pierre Dynamic Duels Relic #’ed/188
  • Phil Davis Relic #’ed/188
  • Jon Jones Fight Mat Relic #’ed/88

 photo catzingtriple_zpskpd5zlew.jpg

 photo bisping_zpsztmlfk0c.jpg

 photo piehughesdual_zpsdn1ajwdz.jpg

 photo phildavisgu_zpsugsa7a6h.jpg

 photo jonesmat_zps7azbqh9p.jpg


  • Sarah Kaufman Gold #’ed/99
  • Bobby Green Gold #’ed/99
  • Miesha Tate Gold #’ed/99
  • Dennis Bermudez Gold #’ed/99
  • Anderson Silva Gold #’ed/99
  • Liz Carmouche Silver #’ed/199
  • Eddie Alvarez Silver #’ed/199
  • T.J. Dillashaw Silver #’ed/199
  • Benson Henderson Silver #’ed/199
  • Hector Lombard Silver #’ed/199

 photo silvagold_zpsk1vohpuo.jpg

 photo hectorufc_zpspak2vear.jpg


  • Aisling Daly #97

 photo dalyrc_zpsepq5zsfh.jpg

Card of the Day: Art Shell 1973 Topps RC #77

 photo artshellrc73_zps4sb1gqjc.jpg

Hamilton Jumbo Jersey Contest!

This contest is for a Billy Hamilton 2015 Topps Museum Collection – Momentous Material Jumbo Jersey #’ed/35.  Good luck!!!

 photo billyjumbo15mc_zpsxrmfdwaq.jpg

Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Friday, May 1, 2015 @ 8:00 p.m. EST.
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post.
  • You can enter once per day.
  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering.
  • The winner will receive an e-mail when the contest is over.
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again.
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15gqbbbox_zpsxoxj5u5r.jpg

Gypsy Queen is 100% baseball.  It certainly has the look and feel of a product like Allen & Ginter, but it doesn’t have all that crazy extra stuff.  Its baseball from the most common base card all the way to the big high-end “hits”.  There have been a few changes over the years, but overall its pretty much the same.

Even though I’m not someone that opens products that are put together like this, I’ve always admired Gypsy Queen’s overall design.  I really enjoy the artistic look.  This is a product that has some meat on it’s bones.  It certainly isn’t a product that you simply rip through really fast and just look for the autographs and relics.  You need to take your time and do your homework in order to get the full Gypsy Queen experience.  That mini or base card you’re holding which isn’t serial numbered could very well be rarer than any of the autographs or relics you just pulled.

The base set consists of (300) cards.  Technically its (350) when you add in the (50) short prints.  Card numbers (301-350) are considered SPs.  SPs should fall 1:4 packs.  Mini SPs that parallel the base come (1) per box.  Photo variations are a big deal when it comes to Gypsy Queen.  There are (50) photo variations when it comes to the base set.  The mini cards have (100) photo variations.

Inside every hobby box you should find (2) autographs and (2) relics.  Hobby boxes also contain an exclusive 10-card mini box.  Within the mini box you’ll find (10) exclusive mini variation cards that cannot be pulled from the regular packs.  You can also look for randomly inserted autographs numbered to (10).  The biggest addition to 2015 Gypsy Queen this year are the inserts.  Glove Stories, Walk-Off Winners, and The Queen’s Throwbacks are all new.

Like I said before, my favorite aspect of Gypsy Queen is the artwork.  Gypsy Queen is known for it’s Original Art Patches.  Monty Sheldon and Brad Utterstrom worked on these cards.  Monty Sheldon even did the artwork for the Basics Of Base Ball insert set.  I would like to see Topps make some art patch booklets.  I think those would look really nice.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Anthony Ranalido RC Auto
  • Brock Holt Auto

 photo ran15gqauto_zpssiywhbqd.jpg

 photo holt15gqauto_zpswzahxmt8.jpg


  • David Wright Jersey
  • David Wright Mini Jersey

 photo wright15gqjersey_zpsesoytxgm.jpg

 photo wrightmini15gqjersey_zpsu0wply4i.jpg


  • Jered Weaver Silver Mini #’ed/199
  • Yusmeiro Petit Silver Mini #’ed/199
  • Justin Upton Bronze Paper Framed #’ed/499
  • Howie Kendrick Bronze Paper Framed #’ed/499

 photo weaver15gqsilver_zps3lqb4oww.jpg

 photo petit15gqsilver_zpssotannd8.jpg

 photo uptonbronze_zpsdeikctwk.jpg

 photo howie15gqbronze_zpsueivcdr7.jpg

Mini Photo Variations

  • Willie McCovey Mini #163
  • Troy Tulowitzki Mini #155
  • Ozzie Smith Mini #47
  • Goose Gossage Mini #118
  • Billy Hamilton Mini #105
  • Chris Sale Mini #29
  • Lorenzo Cain Mini #164
  • Javier Baez RC Mini #91
  • Carlos Santana Mini #90
  • Rod Carew Mini #152

 photo wm15gqminiphotosp_zpsbfxcyptx.jpg

Mini SP

  • Al Kaline #310

 photo kaline15gqmini_zpsrkajb6cd.jpg

Regular SPs

  • Jimmy Rollins #344
  • Eddie Mathews #302
  • Sparky Anderson #325
  • Matt Holliday #342
  • Mike Schmidt #322

 photo rollins15gq_zpscau1yd8v.jpg

I wonder why Topps didn’t put Jimmy Rollins in a Dodgers uniform.  Opening Day and Heritage have him with LA.


Basics Of Base Ball

  • Sacrifice Fly #3

 photo sf15gqbasic_zpsmg9sfe0b.jpg

Pillars of the Community

  • Yadier Molina

 photo molina15gq_zpscbgbxazy.jpg

The Queen’s Throwbacks

  • Rougned Odor #10
  • Joe Mauer #16
  • Mike Trout #22
  • Manny Machado #20

 photo odorqthrow_zpsrzccutnf.jpg

Walk-Off Winners

  • Jason Giambi #20
  • Raul Ibanez #11
  • Travis Ishikawa #19
  • Luis Gonzalez #13
  • Ozzie Smith #9
  • Giancarlo Stanton #3

 photo 15gqwoff_zpsvsr0xxlk.jpg

Glove Stories

  • Billy Hamilton #2
  • Alex Gordon #9
  • Steven Souza Jr. #1
  • Ben Revere #7

 photo br15gqgs_zpszrph8bmc.jpg

Rowe ’15 Topps MLS Auto Contest Winner Announced

 photo roweauto_zps34ycf8nt.jpg

Congrats to Louizz on being the lucky winner of the Kelyn Rowe 2015 Topps MLS Gold Parallel Auto #’ed/25.  Once Louizz sends me their mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!

Card of the Day: Casey Kotchman 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Star Rookie Auto

 photo casey01udppauto_zpsqfjsg4uk.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 College Classics Inc. – The “Heisman Collection” Series 1

 photo angelo91heisman_zps2j735jiu.jpg

In 1991, College Classics Inc. entered into a three year agreement with the Downtown Athletic Club of New York.  College football fans know the Downtown Athletic Club of New York as the “Home of the Heisman Trophy”.  Between 1991 and 1993 College Classics Inc. produced three sets of cards based on past Heisman Trophy winners.  Every single player in each set is represented by their famous Heisman Trophy portrait that is on display in the Heisman Room of the Downtown Athletic Club of New York.

College Classics Inc. issued these in full set form.  No packs.  Series 1 consists of 20 cards.  They are individually numbered out of 100,000.  Cases contain 100 sets, and should have at least two autographed cards.  Dealers wishing to buy a case needed to do so from American Card Investors, Inc.  By purchasing two cases, you would receive a double matted, framed black and gold poster that was released by the Heisman Committee.  They were also suppose to produce 500 double matted, framed prints of all the Heisman Trophy winners.  According to College Classics Inc., each were to be signed by Archie Griffin.  Why you would have Archie Griffin sign a print that isn’t of him is beyond me.  I’m not sure how these were distributed, but it probably was another dealer promotion.

Dealers would have to spend $695.00 for a case.  That is about $7.00 per set.  So the original MSRP was most likely around $14.00.  As nice as these cards look, they haven’t appreciated in value much.  Sealed sets can easily be found for under $10.00 now.  The most valuable cards are the autographs.  But even those are extremely affordable.  In some cases these are the only autographed cards these players have.  Each are hand-numbered out of 200.

Series 2 was released in 1992, and is basically setup the same as Series 1.  Series 3 carries the most value because they only made 15,000 total sets.  College Classics Inc. went on to make other sets for baseball and basketball, then ultimately went belly up.  All of the negatives and printing plates used were sent to the College Football Hall of Fame.

 photo lattner91hcauto_zpsz2tjlmqu.jpg


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