Pujols Patch Prank

This Albert Pujols card was brought to my attention over at Card Informant.  Take a look at this Pujols patch.


Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?  There is just one problem.  The patch isn’t an authentic patch worn by Pujols.  The stitching is totally different from that of a real one.  These patches can be purchased by anyone.


The red on this patch has the tight little sewing circles that you normally would see on a Cardinals patch.

I have reported the auction and I guess we’ll see if eBay takes it down.

4 Responses

  1. Why would anyone fake a patch on a /10 auto card like that? I doubt it was a plain white patch to begin with. Damn shame.

  2. Had a quick look at the guy’s feedback and it makes you think he’s a crook even more. He’s selling poorly described items, probably stolen electronics and doesn’t reply to any e-mails when there is a problem. Hopefully eBay takes care of this loser.

  3. The auto on the fake looks different from the real one too. Hate these crooks.

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