Ruby Parallels

I’ve mentioned on here before that one of my favorite products of the 90’s was 1997 Skybox Premium Football.  It wasn’t a high-end product at all and you weren’t suppose to get any “hits” per box.  There were no relics, but you did have the chance of pulling an autograph.  I just really enjoy the design of the cards.  I can still remember attending a small card show in Harrisburg and purchasing a Dan Marino base from ’97 Premium for my Dolphins collection.  Even with all the autographs, my favorite inserts would have to be the ruby parallels.  The ruby inserts are each serial numbered to 50 copies and are very hard to pull.  I’ve only seen them on eBay and never in person.  Most of the time these rubies are worth more than the actual autographs from this product.  Being a Dan Marino fan, I’d love to add a ruby Marino to my collection.  I’m sure if one shows up for sale, its going to be very pricey.  I’m seriously think of purchasing a box of ’97 Skybox Premium just for the heck of opening something old.  I bet it would make for an interesting break.


8 Responses

  1. I also love 1997 Skybox Premium. It is such a great looking set. If you do buy and bust a box, please post it. I would love to read a review of it.

  2. I will go in half with you when your ready to. Split the box in half, and trade.




  3. Im on the hunt.

    I will keep in touch.


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