2010 Press Pass Football Preview

On March 31, Press Pass will release its final football product that can use college logos under their CLC license which expires soon.  Each hobby box will contain 5 on-card signatures of some of the top rookies in football for next season.  Just like other years, there will be multiple levels of parallels to pull: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Blue.  Press Pass plans to bring back its popular Red Ink autographs and Inscriptions too.  There will also be exclusive autographs which can only be pulled from Wal-Mart and Target.  One of the coolest things they plan to insert are redemption cards for signed mini-helmets which can only be pulled from packs found at Wal-Mart and Target too.  Here are some preview images.





One Response

  1. i recently purchased ten packs of press pass authentic 2010 football cards at 14.99 a pack and only received two signatures i assumed there was a signature in every pack was i mistaken?

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