Flashback Product of the Week: 2007 Bowman’s Best

Bowman’s Best was a standard product for collectors to look forward to every year.  The last time Topps released Bowman’s Best was back in 2007.  Each hobby box contains three mini boxes with three autographs per mini box.  You would normally find (1) veteran, (1) rookie, and (1) prospect autograph per mini box too.  Two things stand out to me when I think of this product.  First off, the packs were jammed very tightly into the mini boxes.  I remember having to rip the box apart to get to the packs.  Thats how snug they were inside the box.  Second, all of the cards in this set are extremely condition sensitive.  Its not uncommon to open a pack and have scratches and/or smudges all over your cards.  I had to send back an Andrew Miller rookie autograph because it was so dirty on the front.  Luckily Topps replaced it quickly.  ’07 Bowman’s Best can appeal to veteran and prospect collectors.  Some of the key autographs you want to look for would be Tim Lincecum, Troy Tulowitzki, Joba Chamberlain, and Clayton Kershaw.  Collectors can easily find boxes today for around $170.00.


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