Flashback Product of the Week: 2000 Topps Gold Label Baseball

While trying to stay out of the heat today, I decided to go through some of my old cards I haven’t looked at for awhile.  In the middle of my digging, I came across a few cards from 2000 Topps Gold Label Baseball.  I forgot how much I enjoy the look of this set.  There are three classes of 2000 Topps Gold Label, and you can look for gold parallels of each card which are limited to 100 copies each.  Every base looks like a refractor and the card stock Topps used is extra thick.  Topps even had Derek Jeter sign 1,000 uncut Gold Label sheets which were provided to collectors who collected all the letters to spell G-O-L-D-L-A-B-E-L.


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  1. Yeah i agree. Its like when i had to get some customised football kits made i ended up getting them from http://www.customisedfootballkits.com. Great price for them though.

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