Collectors Defending NSA….. I’m Not One Of Them

I’ve talked about NSA “relic” cards on hear before, and the topic has been one of the most clicked on posts I have ever written over the two year period this blog has been around.  Last night I received another comment on my original post from a collector actually defending NSA.  Most collectors agree with me that these cards DO NOT contain actual relics worn by the athlete pictured on the front of each card.  But there are some people that think these cards are great investments and are waiting for them to go up in price.  I don’t know how many times I have to tell people, but the COA on the reverse side of each card doesn’t state the piece of memorabilia was actually used by the athlete.  Comparing an NSA COA to a COA from Upper Deck, Topps, or Panini you can clearly see the difference.

I have to laugh at the people defending this company.  Take a look at some of their comments I’ve received:

  • Why would this company risk going to jail over a few dollars? You can buy a Brett Favre Game Used jersey for $500 cut it up into 1000’s of pieces where each piece would be about 50 cents or so. You can sell the cards for $25 -$30. You can easily make $25,000 from one jersey. What do you think Upper Deck does? It does not have to be fake! Get the point!
  • Say what you want. I would think if these jersey cards where not the real thing these stars would have sued NSA for false advertising by now. I know I would have wouldn’t you? So I’m buying them up as fast as I can before they catch on and the prices skyrocket.
  • I bought a two LeBron James jersey cards. I think NSA is actually a good company, since it is often hard to get a piece of that size of swatch from an NBA jersey. I was lucky and got half of an NBA logos from LeBron’s jersey. I also got a high school jersey. They are great prices going by the fact that most LeBron James High School jersey pieces are a load more. Its a rare find because they don’t play near the amount of high school games that they do in the NBA. I just think NSA is a good company.