Q & A – Are either of these Joe Sakic Rookies Reprints?

Question: I have been wanting to pick up a Joe Sakic RC Graded and there are many on eBay right now. I only wanted either PSA or BGS grading because those are the two I trust most. I was wondering how you can tell on these cards if they are reprinted or not? I saw your posts on reprints and the Patrick Roy was especially helpful but for some reason I am having a hard time here. I have included two auctions which I am interested in and am wondering if you could lend your expertise my way? Thanks, and thank you for the amazing blog site. It is the only one that I know of that really helps fight fake cards and informs people.Regards,


Answer:Those two auctions look to be very safe to me.  If either of those cards were a reprint at the top PSA or BGS would state that its a reprint.  I don’t remember hearing about Joe Sakic having any reprinted rookie cards out there.  His rookie cards don’t seem to sell for a large amount of money so people really don’t have a reason to make counterfeits.  Reprinted cards usually have a glossy finish, and the copyright date on the back in fine print is newer than the original card.  Thanks for the comments about the site.

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  1. FYI: Sakic also has a Topps rookie:
    1989-90 Topps Joe Sakic Rookie Card

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