Flashback Product of the Week – 2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits

Its only been 5 years since this product was released, but the whole idea Upper Deck was shooting for never really caught on.  Every box of 2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits contained 1 jersey, autograph or patch, 3 rookies, and 2 Hall of Fame cards.  The real interesting part about this product was that in every box there was 1 collectible bust.  These busts would be of current or retired players.  If you were lucky you could hit an autographed bust of a good player.  After 2003 you never saw this product come back.  Upper Deck did use the title “Portraits” for a few other sets but they did not include a bust.  Those contained autographed 8×10 photos.  The biggest rookie in the set is probably Brandon Webb.  I think if a company wants to include something like a bust in every box, I would stick with items fans are more familiar with, for example, baseballs, bats, and perhaps even bobbleheads.  I would love to see a product that features a bobblehead per box.  I wonder where Upper Deck even came up with the idea for a bust.  I mean there aren’t any busts of players in the HOF.   Baseball Hall of Famers have plaques.  


Apparently having a bobblehead in every box has been done already with the same results as the busts.  I still would like to see them make a comeback.

One Response

  1. In 2001 Donruss came out with a product called “Class of 2001” that was packaged with a bobblehead.

    Despite the greatest rookie card class of all time, Class of 2001 went over about as well as ’03 Upper Deck Classic Portraits.

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