Response From Press Pass

After Upper Deck came out and said that they will have the exclusive rights to produce NCAA licensed cards starting in April 2010, I sent an e-mail to my contact at Press Pass, Inc to see what they plan to do with their popular line of college football cards.  Today I got the following response:

Press Pass will continue its line of rookie “draft pick” and Legends football products in 2010 and beyond. The Press Pass product team will strive to meet and exceed collector expectations with quality cards, designs, and innovation.  The Press Pass tradition of delivering the first on-card autographs of each new NFL rookie class will continue…

Press Pass will probably have to get “creative” with their card designs for awhile.  These exclusives really hurt the collectors and only give them one place to go for the cards they want to collect.  Its going to be fun to see if Upper Deck can produce something as good as Press Pass Legends Football.  Thats a product I really enjoy and its not very expensive.  I’ve seen some dealers selling mini boxes for around $30.00 to $45.00.  I think thats a great deal considering you get two hits per mini box.

This year’s Upper Deck Draft is similiar to Press Pass Legends because you can pull rookies and legends, but when I opened my box of Draft most of the hits were redemptions.  I will give Upper Deck credit because they filled both quickly, even though one needed to be replaced due to a conflict with the player.  I know the e-mail I received back doesn’t say much and is a general response the company has probably been throwing out to everyone that asks.  Its going to be interesting to see what happens next year when the “exclusive” goes into effect.

On the bright side, maybe Upper Deck can finally get Joe Paterno to sign some cards.  Topps was suppose to do that for Mayo, but they never made it in.

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  1. such a canned response

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