Do These Cards Look Alike?

Yesturday afternoon while attending a State College Spikes game, I stopped by the gift shop to pick up a 2009 Team Set and pin like I usually do each year.  When I got home I started flipping through the Team Set and noticed that the design looks very much like the 1959 Topps baseball set.  When comparing the cards side by side, you can clearly see the similarities.


1959 Topps


2009 State College Spikes Team Set

I wonder if the manufacturer got permission from Topps to borrow their design?  Even if they didn’t, I wonder if Topps would take any action against them?  Its not like these team sets are being sold everywhere.  What am I talking about?  Card companies never take each other to court 🙂

Am I the only person who thinks these cards look alike?

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