PREVIEW: The Legend of KISS

What can I say?  KISS does an excellent job of marketing themselves.  On April 21, Press Pass will release The Legend of KISS that tells the story of the band.  Its a 100-card set that contains concert worn relics and autographs.  Collectors can also look for pop-up cards and various serial numbered proofs.

I’ve opened two KISS products that Press Pass has sent over, but have never pulled an autograph or relic.  The biggest hit I’ve pulled came from KISS 360 which was a serial numbered parallel limited to 50 copies.  These products must be a huge hit with all those KISS collectors or they wouldn’t keep making them.  This will be the 5th KISS product Press Pass has made.





Place the back of the cards together to unveil the story of KISS.


2 Responses

  1. Those base cards look amazing. I can’t say I’m a huge KISS fan but Press Pass has done a great job with these sets. I loved the lenticular cards from the last full release.

  2. I have to agree, Press Pass has been doing an excellent job on the non-sports (and sports, I just love them).

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