Football Returns To Topps

The official report was announced today that Topps will be able to make officially licensed football products once again.  It wasn’t that long ago that Topps was stripped of this honor while Upper Deck was given the rights to make NFL cards, along with Panini.  But with all the financial troubles surrounding Upper Deck, the rights have been restored to Topps……… for now 🙂

I think we can all agree that Upper Deck is the best manufacturer when it comes to high-end products.  Topps on the other hand doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to expensive stuff to break.  I’m interested to see what Topps can come up with.  Topps really knows how to produce products for set collectors.  Its what they’re good at.  Their 2010 Football set will have the same design as 2010 Baseball.  This set I believe has one of the better designs.  I like how big the team names are and the photography is usually great.

I find it harder and harder to predict whats coming next for The Hobby.  I will make one bold prediction that I’d like to see come true.  I predict that Topps will create a football version of Allen & Ginter.  Topps has made Mayo, but I bet an A&G football set would be a big hit.  Why not do it?  National Chicle was originally a football set, and they’ve made a baseball version.  Why not take A&G, which originally was a baseball set, and make a football one?  Would you purchase a box of Allen & Ginter Football?


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  1. Just a correction. Upper Deck was never given an exclusive NFL license. Initially Topps license to produce NFL cards wasn’t renewed. This meant that Upper Deck and Panini had the only NFL licenses. When Upper Deck couldn’t reach an agreement with the NFL to continue with their license, Panini became the default sole license holder. Until today that is, with Topps being given a license again.

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