Be Aware Of Raw AFLAC Autos

Remember when Topps would insert redemptions for their AFLAC sets in products like Bowman and Bowman Chrome?  I wish they still did that.  When they first starting doing it, I couldn’t believe all the hype that went along with them.

Its very important that collectors are aware of the dangers when purchasing an AFLAC autograph that wasn’t made available through a redemption.  AFLAC autographs were signed with a pen that didn’t always come out so bold.  Therefore many of the autographs came out thin and streaky.  A lot of scammers will take a Sharpie and make the player’s signature stand out more.  If you buy an AFLAC autograph and submit it for grading, its possible the grader might return it stating that it has been altered.  A lot of people either love or hate James Spence, but for AFLAC autographs it might be best to get one they have looked at.  Just be careful when purchasing a raw version, especially if it is of a popular player.

Thanks to the collectors over at FCB for bringing up this topic.


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  1. Call me crazy but I love this years Topps Set.

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