Flashback Product of the Week: 1992 Topps Kids


Up until this product came along, baseball cards weren’t for kids 🙂  Before 1992 Topps Kids was released, it was illegal for children to open packs of cards.  Finally, kids didn’t have to sneak into dark allies in the middle of the night to fulfill their pack busting crave.  Now they could easily walk into their local card shop and open a pack or two just like everyone else.

I seriously don’t know what Topps was thinking when they thought up this product.  I guess they were just trying to make cards look more kid friendly.  The last thing kids want to be treated like is kids.  The set consists of 132 cards that all have some type of cartoonish element to them.  Perhaps Topps was trying to cash in on all the cartoonish success Upper Deck was having at the time with their Comic Ball releases.  I think we all know how popular those became 🙂  You can still find wax boxes for under $20.00.


This card is hilarious.  Its almost as if Topps knew about Bonds’s steroid use before it became such a huge deal.

One Response

  1. Reminds me of Upper Deck Comic cards except no Bugs Bunny. STill unique…esp the Bonds you pointed out. LOL.

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