Flashback Product of the Week: 1971-1972 Fleer Harlem Globetrotters

 photo 7172globetrot_zps49bfccae.jpg

Before the rise of the NBA, the Globetrotters were a “by the book” professional basketball team.  In fact back in 1940 they won the World Professional Basketball Tournament beating the Chicago Bruins 31-29.  At one point in time they were considered to be one of the best teams in the country.  After the NBA was formed the Globetrotters began to work in comic routines and started to get recognition more for their entertainment factor rather than sports.  Fancy dribbling, spinning basketballs on their fingertips, skillful passing, and making difficult shots are just some of the things they are known for doing.  Most of the time they play fake teams and rarely ever lose.  Today the Globetrotters have more than 20,000 exhibition games under their belt and continue to travel the world showing off their amazing basketball skills.  Let it be know though, they do have a history of playing competitively.  Many famous athletes have been a Globetrotter at one time or another.  Some of these people include Wilt Chamberlain, Connie Hawkins, and Nat Clifton.  Even Baseball Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Fergie Jenkins were Globetrotters.

Fleer produced an 85-card set (that includes the sticker that came in each pack) in 1971-72.  The set has a very basic design featuring full color photo fronts with bios on the back.  You’ll notice that some cards have light grey backs and others will have darker ones.  It is believed that Fleer used slightly different card stock while printing this set.  While most collectors would settle for a set with light and dark colored backs, some want a set with just light backs and a set with dark backs.  There really aren’t any high-dollar cards to keep your eye out for.  Sealed boxes can sell upwards for $400.00.  That same year, Fleer also produced another Globetrotters set for Cocoa Puffs.  Those cards came in specially marked boxes of the cereal and look quite similar to the set Fleer issued on its own.  The main difference would be that the Cocoa Puffs cards contain facsimile signatures and have the brand name on the back.

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