Little League Celebrates 75 Years

 photo 75thLogo300_zps54fea8c7.jpg

This year Little League Baseball celebrates it’s 75th anniversary.  Ya know what that means?  Commemorative stuff!  Little League recently unveiled their official 75th anniversary logo which has already begun to show up on merchandise including pins.  Pins are a big deal when it comes to the Little League World Series.  Almost every sponsor and many of the businesses in Williamsport issue some type of commemorative pin during the Little League World Series.  With this being their 75th anniversary, I’m sure collectors can look for even more pins this year.

 photo 75llws_zps3450a5e3.jpg

As of right now, there are two 75th anniversary pins available.  The first one (pictured above) is your standard $5.00 pin that can be picked up in their gift shop.  The other is a special version that comes in their 75th anniversary membership package that runs for $50.00.

 photo mpllws75_zpsdb027178.jpg

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