“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2015 Oakley Little League Baseball World Series Player Pin

 photo 2015oakleyllbwspinpo_zpsf6slr3gw.jpg

The 2015 Little League World Series came to an end last Sunday.  Japan beat Red Land 18-11.  Everyone has gone home.  All the pins have been given out.  Although it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the businesses in Williamsport still have some pins available.  I think they tend to order a lot of them.  Dairy Queen still had pins leftover from last year.

Starting in 2014, Oakley began to make pins for the Little League World Series.  Those pins were specifically made for the players though.  The only way normal people could get one is to trade for it or buy one on eBay.  That pin can run $100.00+.  Oakley returned to the Little League World Series again this year.  This time they brought two different pins with them.  Players got the all silver colored pin pictured above.  More of the 2015 player pins have popped up for sale.  But they still can be expensive at around $50.00 – $150.00.  The other pin they gave out looks almost identical to the one the players got.  The main difference is that the “2015” is in red and blue.  I think they may have been given to the public through some type of promotion at the Oakley booth.  Even those weren’t easy to get.

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