Leaf’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson Cut Sells For $26,290.00

Last weekend Heritage Auctions sold the “Shoeless Joe” Jackson 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature for $26,290.00.  That’s far from the $80,000.00 it was said to be valued at, but still not a bad sale considering the box the redemption was pulled in cost less than $100.00.

Bill Witherspoon was one of the lucky collectors to pull one of the Four Leaf Clover redemptions inserted into boxes of 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature Edition.  During the National Sports Collectors Convention last summer in Chicago, Witherspoon ended up winning the Jackson cut at the Leaf booth.  He pulled the redemption from Marty’s Sports Card Exchange.  After winning the Jackson cut, he consigned the card to Heritage Auctions to sell.

This sets the bar pretty high when it comes to cut signature card prices.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe it could have gotten more if they would have left the entire document intact.  Either way, in this economy having that extra cash will be really nice.  Nice card Leaf!!!



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  1. […] Leaf’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson Cut Sells For $26,290.00, Sports Card Info […]

  2. […] Last year it was “Shoeless Joe” Jackson.  This year it will be Josh Gibson.  Leaf Trading Cards is bringing back their Four Leaf Clover redemption cards within 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition Sports Icons.  Anyone who pulls a Josh Gibson Four Leaf Clover redemption card has the chance to win this beautiful cut signature pictured above.  Gibson’s one an only other cut signature ever inserted into a product was almost a decade ago in 2003 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  He is considered one of the best catchers and hitters baseball has ever seen.  Gibson played in the Negro Leagues and never made it to Major League Baseball.  Three months after he passed away, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.  His signatures are very rare and demand insane prices when they become available. […]

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