2015 Topps Major League Soccer Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppssoccerbox_zpsevq9awd5.jpg


After breaking open that box of 2015 Topps Opening Day, this box of soccer cards was quite refreshing.  I don’t follow soccer all that much.  In fact, the last time I did anything with soccer was attend a Hershey Wildcats game back in 1997 or 1998.  Soccer fans are nuts, and 2015 Topps Major League Soccer should satisfy their box breaking fix.

This is their flagship soccer set.  Just like the ones they make for baseball and football.  Boxes contain (24) packs and you can look for (5) “hits” per box on average.  You should pull (2) autographs, (2) relics, and (1) autographed relic.  For a flagship brand that is a nice amount of “hits”.  The base set consists of 200 cards.  Parallels include Purple, Gold #’ed/25, Black #’ed/10, Red #’ed 1/1, and then the Printing Plates.  I wish the parallels would be a little more distinct.  I almost passed over my Golds.  But that’s just me.  You also need to watch for the All-Star SPs, which are photo variations from the 2014 All-Star Game.

The inserts aren’t too Earth shattering, but my favorite ones are the MLS Minis.  These aren’t as small as I thought they would be.  The MLS Minis are as tall as a normal card, but a little skinnier.  My friend Monty Sheldon did the artwork for those cards.  (15) lucky collectors will pull the actual hand-painted 1/1 versions.  I believe the MLS Minis are modeled after a vintage set called John Player and Sons Cigarette Cards, which were originally released between 1928 and 1929.

For $98.00 you get a lot more than your typical flagship product from another sport.  It was a fun box to rip, and I think I pulled some great stuff.

FYI – Soccer superstar David Villa has no relation to home improvement guru Bob Vila 🙂

Here is what I pulled:


  • Michael Bradley #’ed/25

 photo mbradautojersey_zpsgiyqdsga.jpg


  • Kelyn Rowe Gold #’ed/25
  • Brad Davis Gold #’ed/25

 photo roweauto_zps34ycf8nt.jpg

 photo braddavisauto_zpsyx2cmvcx.jpg


  • Dillon Powers Kits of the Game #’ed/25
  • Clint Dempsey Kits of the Game #’ed/85

 photo powders_zpsemwjqzdn.jpg

 photo clintdemp_zpsbps6vxln.jpg


  • Jon Kempin Gold #’ed/25
  • David Villa RC Gold #’ed/25

 photo kempin_zpsletyg3ow.jpg

 photo villa_zpscjbd7t2a.jpg


MLS Minis

  • Sporting Kansas City Header #2
  • Houston Dynamo Slide Tackle #14
  • LA Galaxy Save #8

 photo header_zpsix3p2dmn.jpg

 Presence of the Pitch

  • Nick Rimando
  • Chris Wondolowski
  • Mike Magee
  • Diego Valeri

 photo pitch_zpsl18sl6kl.jpg

Gameday Heritage

  • Real Salt Lake #2
  • FC Dallas #7

 photo gamedayheritage_zpsso0pqngw.jpg

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