2018 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Box Break & Review

There are a lot more minor league baseball teams than major league ones.  Its a fact.  Minor league teams can be found all over the country.  Some are literally in people’s backyard.  That level of closeness can produce a dedicated amount of fans who attend their hometown team’s games on a regular basis.

Topps produces two minor league products per year.  I believe its part of their exclusive agreement with MLB.  Pro Debut comes first and then Heritage Minor League Baseball.  This version of Heritage Minor League Baseball showcases some of MiLB’s best prospects in the 1969 Topps Baseball design.

The main set consists of (200) cards.  Subsets include Topps News All-Stars and League Leaders.  Card numbers 201-220 are short prints.  Not only can the short prints be identified by their card number, but they state “Short Print” on the back.  Six parallels can be pulled – Glossy (box topper pack), Blue #’ed/99, Magenta Back, Black #’ed/50, Team Color Change #’ed/25, and Red #’ed 1/1.  The parallels DO NOT apply to the short prints.

Variations make a return.  These come in the form of image and circle color variations.  You can use the CMP codes to locate them.  Image variations end in #482, while the circle color end in #483.  Its even easier though if you look just beneath the card number.  They’re now labeled either “Image Var.” or “Color Var.”

Every single box comes with (1) autograph and (1) relic.  Royce Lewis, Brendan McKay, and Hunter Greene each have image variation autographs #’ed/50.  For the most part, your autograph will be a Real One Autograph.  These come in Blue #’ed/99, Black #’ed/50, Team Color Change #’ed/25, and Red #’ed 1/1 parallels.  Other autographs include Dual Autographs1969 Deckle Edge Autographs1969 Mint Coin Relic Autographs, and Bazooka Autographs.

You’re likely relic will come from the Clubhouse Collection which has Blue #’ed/99, Black #’ed/50, Orange Patch #’ed/25, and Red Patch #’ed 1/1 versions.  Others include 1969 Mint Coin Relics.

The 1969 Collector Cards/Transogram and Deckle Edge cards highlight the inserts.  Back in 1969, those Transogram cards had to be hand-cut off a box that housed an action figure.  Having those figures return would have been neat.

As I mentioned when I opened my Pro Debut box, it would be cool to see retired stars/Hall of Famers thrown in here.  Especially since its a retro set.  Tracking down minor league uniforms of those older players for relic cards probably wouldn’t be the easiest though.  But base, parallels, inserts, and autographs could be done.

Cards of Phillies prospects Kyle Young #130 and Spencer Howard #52 are my favorite.  The photos were taken at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field in Williamsport, PA.  Its a ballpark I frequently attend during the summer to watch the Crosscutters.  They have great bobblehead giveaways.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Drew Ellis Real One Auto


  • Domingo Acevedo Clubhouse Collection Relic


  • Zack Burdi Team Color Change #’ed/25
  • Royce Lewis Glossy #185
  • Franklyn Kilome Glossy #104
  • Brendan Rodgers Glossy #136

Short Prints

  • Michel Baez #210
  • Alec Hansen #204
  • Adrian Morejon #209


  • Tim Tebow 1969 Collector Cards/Transogram
  • Nick Senzel 1969 Collector Cards/Transogram
  • Corey Ray 1969 Collector Cards/Transogram
  • Jose Albertos 1969 Deckle Edge (Black/White)
  • Jorge Mateo 1969 Deckle Edge (Black/White)
  • Estevan Florial 1969 Deckle Edge (Black/White)
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. 1969 Deckle Edge (Black/White)

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