How To Spot A Fake Michael Jordan 1984-85 Star ROY #288

Michael Jordan cards have been counterfeited for decades.  His 1986-87 Fleer rookie is atop the list of most forged cards in the hobby.  Outside of that card we have a large amount of Star issued cards.  Some collectors won’t even touch Star cards of popular players such as Michael Jordan because they have been counterfeited so much.  Authentic Michael Jordan Star cards can be worth a lot of money if they’re the real deal.

Mr. Jordan has multiple cards made by Star.  His 1984-85 Star ROY #288 is one of the easiest to spot a counterfeit/reprint:

  • Border Spacing – Perfect centering is almost unheard of when it comes to this card.  Most authentic examples show little border on the right side and a fat chunk on the left.  Having this reversed and/or the card being dead-centered in many cases is a red flag of a counterfeit/reprint.
  • Coloring – On the back of the card there should be a slight color bleed along the edge of the card from the front.  The color clarity is softer and unique to original issued Star products, the counterfeits/reprints have bolder colors and out of registry text, bleeding or feathering are good terms to describe the counterfeits/reprints.

Authentic front

Authentic back

Counterfeit front

Counterfeit/reprint front

Counterfeit/reprint back

2 Responses

  1. Help??? I am in possession of an 85 star jordan 101. The front is fairly well centered but does have a slight “tilt” to the left \ from the top. Not that noticable upon a glance. On the back the word “round” is spelled correctly and in the stats REB is in caps. The line under the stats has tiny space from the stat box on the right and extends to the left over the first decimal moving left. Looking at the card from the back it again “tilts” but this time to the right. Jordan does not appear bald and I see no issue with the defenders hand as I heard something about. Card is glossy and idk if original was. Any help would be appreciated. I doubt card is authentic due to the manner in which I received it. If it is, somebody messed up!!

  2. How much is a real one worth graded 6

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