$2,500 Packs Are Back – 2012 Leaf Oval Office Preview


It looks as if Brian Gray not only has brought over his interest in baseball prospects to Leaf, but his love for presidential signatures too.  Next year Leaf will release Oval Office Cut Signature.  Each box will contain (1) pack that will have a presidential cut signature inside.  Cuts will be numbered to 5 or less and collectors can look for dual cuts of presidents with other historical figures.

In 2008, Gray released a product just like this under the Razor name.  Those packs cost $2,500.00.  I’m sure the 2012 version will cost about the same.  It will be an extremely limited product.  Leaf doesn’t plan to make anymore than 275 boxes.

Perhaps the economy isn’t that bad if a manufacturer is willing to release a product as high-end as this.  I wonder if they’ll make a cheap retail version 🙂  I doubt I’ll be busting this product.  Not unless Leaf sends a box over for review, which I am willing to take the bullet for and do 🙂




4 Responses

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  2. Man these are crazy…….expensive, but for the cuts you can get out of this, I see why. Be sure to do a giveaway on it, if they do send you a box for review 😉 just kidding

  3. Presidential playing cards , looks like you guys are getting desperate

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