2019 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball Preview

Two card manufacturers working together on a single product is certainly not something that happens very often.  Especially during a time when exclusives are all the rage, and everyone is out for themselves.  Onyx Authenticated and Futera have done what seems to be the impossible.  Working simultaneously, both companies are happy to introduce 2019 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball.

No.  There aren’t any team names and/or logos.  But given the quality of these cards, I truly believe that doesn’t matter one bit.  Futera mainly focuses on European soccer now, but I’ve always thought their cards looked extremely well done.  I didn’t think seeing a baseball product come from them was a possibility until now.  Onyx’s baseball products aren’t too shabby either.  Their Vintage Collection is a blast to open.

2019 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball is a limited, high-end release.  Only (75) cases will be produced.  Each pack contains an autograph or autograph/relic.  Baseball fans will get to take advantage of Futera’s Colour Grading and Code For Collectors features.  These are two services which allow you to see how rare that relic card might be, and the process that went into making that specific card.  Its a level of documentation that every card manufacturer should adhere to.  Services such as these really helps to cut down on counterfeits.

Be sure to checkout the official sales sheet and checklist.  You’ll find its filled with prospects and Hall of Famers.  I wouldn’t mind pulling that Babe Ruth cut signature.  My favorite cards are the 24ct Gold-Plated Framed cards.

(4) packs come in a single box.  Each pack will cost around $97.  That’s about $400 for the entire box.  As of this writing, August 23rd is the launch date.


Preview: 2018 Futera Unique World Football

A lot of collectors would like to see American card companies issue products in the way Futera does.  Here in America, collectors have many products thrown at them all year long.  Futera is the total opposite.  They produce a handful of products throughout the year in small quantities.  Most of these products center around football (soccer).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Futera makes some of the nicest looking high-end cards on the planet.  More collectors from the U.S. should pay attention to them.  Futera’s Colour Grading and Code For Collectors services demonstrate a level of documentation that American collectors can only dream about.  When issuing fewer products, services such as these can be put into place.

In August, Futera plans to release it’s next product, 2018 Unique World Football.

What will you find?

  • (4) packs per box
  • (6) boxes per minicase
  • (3) minicases per case
  • A full case will include (18) boxes and (72) packs

Every pack includes up to (12) base cards, plus either a limited edition memorabilia card, or an on-card signed autograph, or a 24ct gold-plated framed autograph or memorabilia card.  Every third pack also includes a “Heritage” card (one of either a “Heritage Gold” #’ed/23 or “Heritage Silver” #’ed/39).

Each box will include a pack which has either an on-card signed autograph, or a 24ct gold-plated framed autograph or memorabilia card.

A minicase will average (18) rare memorabilia cards, (3) on-card signed autographs, plus (1) “1 of 1” 24ct gold-plated framed autograph, memorabilia or combo auto/memorabilia card, plus (2) 24ct gold-plated framed cards.

For a full rundown of the entire product, checkout the sales sheet.

Once all of the packs are opened, you can use the box to store your cards.

My favorite cards are the ones featuring a 24ct gold-plated frame.  We have metal framed cards here in America, but the ones made by Futera are really ornately designed.  I pulled one from a pack last year.

Futera’s 2017 Zou Shiming UNIQUE Collection

To the American sports card collector, Futera may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind.  Even if you’re not into the sports that they make cards for, you seriously need to check them out.  Their designs are out of this world, and the amount of documentation that goes into each product is something U.S. collectors can only dream about.  Code For Collectors allows you to see behind the scenes footage, how many cards were issued, and the materials and processes that went into making that specific card.  Futera’s Colour Grading database breaks down the amount of colored swatches found in a product too.  Insanely cool!

Futera is preparing for a new season of their Soccer UNIQUE Collection.  In the meantime, they just released a product based on Chinese professional boxer Zou Shiming.  This too is part of their UNIQUE Collection line.  Its a high-end set costing $299 per box.  Only (750) boxes have been made.  Every box includes a 30-card base set and (1) Heritage parallel numbered to (20) Silver or (5) Gold.  You’ll also find (2) memorabilia cards or (1) memorabilia card and (1) Zou Shiming autographed/memorabilia card.  Relics include boxing gloves, fight shorts, Olympic tracksuit, sneakers, training jacket, t-shirts, and boots.  All memorabilia was personally obtained by Zou Shiming.

Some of the neatest cards that Futera makes are the ones featuring 24ct gold-plated frames.  We here in America have seen metal framed cards before, but nothing as ornate compared to what Futera makes.  Futera’s look as if they should be on display in a 1,000+ year old European castle.  You’ll find cards of Zou Shiming like this too.

Boxes, Minicases, and Master Cases are still available.

2016 Futera Liverpool Unique Collection Pack Break & Review

 photo liverpool2016futerapack_zpswxgvh7oj.jpg

Futera’s name is synonymous with high-end cards.  To put it simply, they are the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley of the trading card industry.  Their focus is mainly English Premier League football (soccer) clubs.  International collectors have been familiar with Futera ever since they began in 1989.  Last year it was announced that their products would have more of an American presence.

The level of detail that Futera has put into their “Code For Collectors” and “Colour Grading” services is literally off the charts.  “Code For Collectors” allows you to see how that autograph, memorabilia, and/or special insert card was made.  The database features photos and a full detailed write-up about that specific card.  Futera’s “Colour Grading” service displays the number of different colored relics there are for a certain card.  For example, lets say you pull a memorabilia card serial numbered out of (25).  Their database will tell you out of those (25) which ones contain a 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, etc relic.  This is the exact setup every card company should have.  With all of this documentation, it makes it almost impossible to fall for a counterfeit.  American card companies have only scratched the surface with tools like these.

I was able to get my hands on a pack of Futera’s latest product, 2016 Liverpool Unique Collection.  The entire product focuses on the Liverpool Football Club which has a deep history given that it was established in 1892.  Many other products from their Unique Collection line are team specific as well.

2016 Liverpool Unique Collection is a high-end set.  Each box contains (4) packs with a “hit” inside every pack.  Full boxes sell for $300, and individual packs go for $80.  Futera only made (30) total cases.

The base set consists of (50) cards.  Heritage parallels were made for (40) cards each limited to (30) copies.  Other product highlights include:

  • “Memorable” memorabilia cards #’ed/43
  • “Superstars” memorabilia cards #’ed/43
  • “Team Heroes” dual memorabilia cards #’ed/32
  • “Then & Now” dual memorabilia cards #’ed/29
  • “Kitcard” dual memorabilia cards #’ed/27
  • “Memostars” memorabilia cards with 24ct gold-plated title #’ed/15
  • “The Mythicals” memorabilia cards with 24ct gold-plated frame #’ed/7

You’ll also find a good share of autographs too.  Speaking of autographs.  I don’t believe that Futera knows the meaning of a sticker autograph.  Everything I’ve seen has been signed on-card.  You have to admire that.

I really enjoy the way Futera designed these cards.  Lots of heavy white card stock makes the colored action shots pop.  A high-end look can be seen from the base cards all the way up to the rare “hits”.  Those Mythicals cards are some of the most ornately designed cards I’ve ever seen.  They look as if they were made to hang in a museum.

Overall, it was an entertaining break.

Here is what I pulled:


  • John Barnes #32
  • Philippe Coutinho #16
  • Jordan Henderson #18
  • Sadio Mané #27
  • Robbie Fowler #39
  • Jerzy Dudek #38
  • Cameron Brannagan #13
  • Roberto Firmino #25
  • Graeme Souness #50

 photo firm16flfc_zpsh2ibbhfm.jpg

 photo sou16flfc_zpscl3loy9z.jpg


  • Gerry Byrne Mythicals Matchday Programme #’ed/7 – contains a piece of programme from the 1965 FA Cup Final between Liverpool FC and Leeds United at Wembley Stadium; 24ct gold-plated frame

 photo gerry16flpfcframe_zpsfcodtgpj.jpg

Card of the Day: Paul Scholes 2011 Futera Unique Auto


Card of the Day: Ronnie Brown 2009 Topps Unique Letter Patch


The Dec. ’09 Philly Show Report

After talking to one of my local shop owners, I didn’t know what to expect while attending The Philly Show this weekend in Valley Forge, PA.  I arrived at the Valley Forge Convention Center at about 9:15 in the morning and the parking lot didn’t seem too full.  Browsing around the show floor you could see that about one third of the dealers weren’t there.  I highly doubt it was the weather, but instead probably because of the increasing setup fees from Hunt Auctions.  Did you know Upper Deck owns Hunt Auctions?  Today was the first time I had heard that.  MAB-Celebrity was in charge of getting the autograph guests for the show, and I think they did a great job.  All of the signers this weekend were or still are Phillies.  Bringing all Phillies in is a great idea from MAB-Celebrity.  Being so close to Philadelphia it just makes sense.  Ever since Hunt Auctions purchased The Philly Show, MAB-Celebrity has brought in big name players like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, and Frank Robinson, but they really hit the jackpot when it comes to Phillies.  I had never seen so many people lined up for signatures.  This was by far one of the fullest shows I’ve been to.  The dealer that told me Upper Deck owns the show said he wishes they would bring in Michael Jordan and/or LeBron James and just let people get their photo with them for a few bucks.  If Upper Deck did that the place would be extremely packed, but I like the idea.  I hope they continue to bring more Phillies to the show.

While heading for lunch, I met the blogger who runs Phungo and he handed me some custom made Phillies cards for my collection.  The pack even included a card of Harry Kalas.  I also saw Chris Harris from Stale Gum from a distance.  When I started blogging, I never thought I would get recognized at shows 🙂  Thanks Phungo for the cool cards!!!!!!!!!

I got a few autographs, busted some wax, and pulled some insane stuff!!!!  Here are some of the highlights.


Former Phillies catcher Todd Pratt


Pete Rose signing my bat.  I hope he makes it into the HOF someday.


Mike Schmidt


Pratt’s signature is all the way to the right.


Rose has such a huge signature.  It takes up a good portion of the bat and looks awesome.


This Rose ’08 Sports Legends jersey #’ed/100 is the only single I purchased from a dealer.


Pulled this Stafford autograph jersey/ball/jersey #’ed/299 from a single pack of ’09 Absolute.


I took a chance with ’09 UD Black Football and man did it pay off.  This is my first Peyton Manning autograph and it is #’ed/18.  It also contains a piece of film.


Tried a pack of ’09 Leaf Limited and pulled this Brees autograph jersey #’ed/25.


Pulled this from my pack of ’09 Leaf Limited too.  Quad jersey relic of Turner/Peterson/Jones/Brown #’ed/100


I wanted to try a box of ’09 Topps Unique.  Pulled this 3 color Freddy Sanchez patch #’ed/99.  While opening my box of Unique, another collector sat down at the table and started opening their box of Unique too.  They pulled an Utley jersey and an Ibanez autograph 🙂


This was probably my best hit from ’09 Topps Unique and it isn’t even “game used”.  These Presidential Bat Barrels are quite difficult to pull.  I think they come one per case.

Overall, this was probably one of the better shows since Hunt Auctions purchased The Philly Show.  I think Hunt Auctions and MAB-Celebrity finally learned what draws in the fans.  Hopefully some of those dealers return for the show in March.  You can definitely say the “MOJO” was with me today, after seeing all the cool stuff I pulled like the Manning autograph.  I give this show 4.5 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).