Food, Cars, and Underwear – In 1998 $26,000 Could’ve Gotten You One Of These MJ Cards

Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s have seen an increase in foot traffic recently.  Underwear can be thanked for that.  Michael Jordan has been a key spokesman for Hanes for 30 years.  To celebrate, Hanes teamed-up with Upper Deck who created a special set of cards.  These exclusive cards can only be found in specially marked Hanes products.  Upper Deck went with the 1988-89 Fleer Basketball design.  (10) Michael Jordan autographs have been thrown in.  They fall 1:108,625 packs.  A complete base set consists of (50) cards with Red and Blue Foil parallels.  All-Star inserts which have Gold Foil parallels are also possible to pull.

Over the years we’ve seen some incredible sales of Michael Jordan cards.  His 1986-87 Fleer rookie is a hobby icon.  Recently a 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green #’ed/10 parallel of his sold for $350,100.  Collectors go crazy for his stuff.  I can’t wait to see what one of those Hanes autographs sells for.  My guess is $500-$1,000.

In 1998, one of the more interesting Michael Jordan cards was created.  A Chevy dealership in Chicago worked with Upper Deck and produced a small 2-card set.  How were you suppose to obtain one of these cards?  That’s simple.  All you needed to do was purchase a new 1998 Chevy Blazer for $26,000.  Along with the keys to your new purchase, you’ed be handed one of the two cards.  It doesn’t end there folks.  Those cards came with a nice little perk.  You could exchange them for a dinner in a glassed-in room at Michael Jordan’s Restaurant.

Either not many people purchased Chevy Blazers from that dealership, or they did and decided to cash-in on the dinner offer.  Very few of these cards exist today.  Restaurant staff most likely threw them away.

Condition can be a big issue.  They were handled a lot.  Gem mint examples can sell for $600 per card.

Reprints also are a problem.  Based on the reprints I’ve seen, ones of Michael Jordan in the “looking down” pose have a black border around the edge on both the front and back.  Reprints of the “smiling” pose seem to just have this border on the reverse.

Michael Jordan’s Restaurant is still open.  According to the cards, you’re suppose to call 312-644-DUNK (3865) ext. 227 to make reservations.  I called the number, but its been disconnected.  Their new number is (630) 828-2932.

I’d love to see someone pull up to his restaurant today in their 1998 Chevy Blazer, whip out one of these cards, and ask for their meal.

Sports Card Info Is Runner-Up Winner In Panini’s 2014 NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion

 photo nflpod_logo_2014_hi-res1_zps14ea3920.jpg

For a second year in a row, I’m happy to announce that Sports Card Info is a runner-up winner in Panini’s 2014 NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion.  Remember that large contest held last October?  Well I guess Sports Card Info did a good job in hosting it.

As a runner-up winner, I won the following:

  • $100.00 in cash
  • (1) Kelvin Benjamin 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) Blake Bortles 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) Sammy Watkins 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) AJ McCarron 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) Mike Evans 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • Handful of 2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day promo packs – pulled autos of Asa Watson, Connor Shaw, and a Johnny Manziel jersey

Thanks everyone who participated!!!

 photo jmpodjersey_zpse9243415.jpg

Press Pass Announces Michael Sam Autograph Promotion

 photo msamauto_zpsbff50753.jpg

Unlicensed and pre-draft football products need to do everything they can to garner enough attention before all the other stuff comes out.  For those collectors planning to open 2014 Press Pass Football which releases on March 5, be sure to save the UPC code off the box.  While supplies last, collectors who send in the UPC code off their box of 2014 Press Pass Football will receive a free Michael Sam Press Pass Signings autograph.

To claim your free autograph, send the UPC code along with a hand printed  3″ x 5″ card containing your name, complete address, and e-mail address in an envelope to:

Press Pass Rookie Football 2014 – Michael Sam
9805 NorthCross Center Ct, Suite H
Huntersville, NC 28078

Only one card per envelope mailed separately, while supplies last.  No metered mail.  Limit 1 request per household.  Failure to comply will result in your entry being disqualified.  Only persons receiving a free autograph will be notified.

I’m all for any type of promotion that can get you a free card.  This is purely so they will sell more boxes, and there is nothing wrong with that.  (Que the patriotic music)

Unboxing Panini’s Prize Pack!

If you recall, last week I announced that Sports Card Info was one of three runner-up winners in Panini’s 2013 NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion.  With that great honor came $100.00 and a prize pack.  Well the prize pack came, and it was beyond what I thought it would be.  Take a gander at what was inside.

 photo morrisnflpod_zps3421787c.jpg

 photo pprombox_zps56c22912.jpg

 photo IMG_5282_zpsc162620b.jpg

 photo IMG_5279_zps0cf69a94.jpg

 photo IMG_5281_zpsb5a945e9.jpg

Sports Card Info Is Runner-Up Winner In Panini’s 2013 NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion

 photo NFLPOD_logo_2013_zps9a387020.jpg

Last October Sports Card Info was invited to take part in the 2013 Panini NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion.  If you recall, Sports Card Info’s involvement in this promotion meant holding a contest jam-packed with a ton of great prizes.  It was the largest contest held in Sports Card Info’s six year history.  I’m happy to announce that Sports Card Info is one of three runner-up winners that took part in this promotion.  What does that mean?  That means Sports Card Info wins $100.00 and a prize pack from Panini.  Thanks again to everyone that participated.

Here is a copy of the e-mail Sports Card Info received:

January 15, 2014


Andrew Chrisman

Sports Card Info


Dear Andrew:

On behalf of the Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion, thank you for participating in the 2013 Panini NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion.

We are pleased to present you with a runner-up prize of $100 plus a special prize package from Panini with a few more goodies.  A package with this material will be shipped to you tomorrow.

Please be sure to thank your readers for their support.  We thought your promotion was very well done and we were quite impressed with how much time and effort you put into it.  The fact that it set a new record for the most entries you ever received is a testament to your hard work and creativity.

Panini’s Black Friday Promotion Returns For A 3rd Year

If there is one time of the year Panini’s obsession with foil is perfectly appropriate, its the holiday season.  Returning for 2013 is Panini’s Black Friday hobby shop promotion.  By now you can probably tell that Panini is the king when it comes to giveaways.  They’re constantly giving away stuff.  Collectors that attended the Toronto Expo recently got a small taste of what is to come for this year’s Black Friday promotion.  But this is just the beginning.  Its funny how some of Panini’s promos are designed better than some of their regular products.

Come on Panini!  Let’s see some red, green, white, cracked ice Christmas themed Prizm parallels.  I know you want to make them.  How about a gravy themed Prizm parallel?

 photo BZNgY7fCYAAsh7M_zps9b3660d8.jpg

 photo BZIfhO8CIAAYI1g_zps9ad8ed49.jpg

 photo BZIbkZCIUAAkc7d_zps9174dd98.jpg

 photo BZImVZWCEAA8N7Z_zps77116fc5.jpg

 photo BZInkuVCYAAmWbY_zpsd42a3b8d.jpg

 photo BZIsIAzCMAAzc2M_zps41dc13ff.jpg

 photo BZIR9A0CEAEw4cJ_zpsc0b25c4a.jpg

 photo BZIVkLOCEAEcl-h_zps4293b652.jpg

 photo BZJ9YoWCQAEd-2B_zps0e69bfa8.jpg

 photo BZKN0FUCcAI7hb1_zps7d7b6ed7.jpg

 photo BZKw8QmCcAACk-u_zps10e8a1d2.jpg

 photo BZKLLtnCcAAQS8U_zpse1a9c829.jpg

 photo BZM29C5CIAECIiJ_zps052d55e3.jpg

Its really difficult to see the signature on this one, but its there.

 photo BZNf1ALCMAE81pe_zpsc5f37d55.jpg

 photo BZM41yRCQAI98UL_zpsb77bb81f.jpg

I do believe that Panini is the #1 buyer of tinsel.

 photo BZN1PFBCEAEgbTX_zps9d226896.jpg

 photo BZNfdwKCIAAJsrA_zpsce778f5a.jpg

 photo BZM4Vt8CAAA3VVY_zps16add0e8.jpg

 photo BZM3jqoCUAAgUQM_zps50d531f6.jpg

 photo sappbf_zps1b496de9.jpg

This is a perfect example of how their promos can look better than anything else they make.  Check out some of the others.

Sports Card Info To Participate In Panini’s 2013 NFL Player of the Day Promotion

 photo NFLPOD_logo_2013_zps9a387020.jpg

Panini is the king when it comes to promotions.  They certainly aren’t afraid to giveaway some free stuff.  One of their longest and most successful promotional programs is their annual NFL Player of the Day promotion.  For more than a decade the Panini POD promotion has helped hobby shops bring in more customers, and sell products.  This year there are almost 900 hobby shops registered to participate.  Each hobby shop is sent an exclusive prize pack that contains all sorts of stuff they can giveaway to those customers that meet the requirements.  Be sure to see if your local hobby shop is one of the participants, so you can get your hands on some exclusive cards.  In the end, one lucky collector will get to spend the day with an NFL player, while tons of others will walk away with a lot of free prizes.

For the first time ever, Sports Card Info will be participating in Panini’s POD program this year.  I was contacted by Panini earlier this week, and happily agreed to participate.  One of the Panini POD prize kits should be arriving shortly.  Expect at least one contest to take place sometime between October 1st and November 15th.  I’m glad that Panini asked me to participate, as there are many collectors who don’t live near a hobby shop in order to get involved with this promotion.